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Bryan Hooker -- Moderator

  • MBA (UCLA)
  • Nine years experience at a major pharmaceutical company, with assignments in sales, pricing, marketing research, and new product planning
  • Moderator training at The Burke Institute, Center for Applied Marketing Research
  • Over 10 years as an independent moderator
  • Ongoing self-guided education

Project management:
As an independent moderator, Bryan Hooker works with your preferred vendor for project management. Alternatively, he can offer one of several excellent firms he works with extensively, and you may interact directly with them or through Bryan.

    Other information:
  • Earpiece for discreet client input during sessions
  • On-site equipment for telephone interviews / recording / teleconferencing
  • Digital video recording equipment if needed
  • Access to digital keypad response technology
  • Access to internet broadcasting
  • Access to video conferencing

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