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Bryan Hooker -- Moderator

Experience:    Bryan Hooker has conducted over 1,000 focus groups and 5,000 interviews, mostly on medical topics. This extensive experience gives him:
  • A broad knowledge base on medical topics
  • Credibility with medical respondents
  • A short learning curve for new topics
  • Familiarity with a variety of techniques
  • A well-developed ability to elicit salient discussion
  • Well-honed instincts for handling group & interpersonal dynamics

Pharmaceutical products
Clinical research
CRM software
Dental tools and supplies
Diagnostic products
Educational program development
Food Service
Formulary management
Hospital marketing
Industrial services
Internet advertising
Internet usage habits and patterns
Managed care plans and programs
Pharmacy benefits management
Physiological monitors
Sales force satisfaction
Surgical techniques
Surgical tools and instruments
Website development
Weight loss

(More detail on medical topics)

(More detail on pharmaceutical products)
Project Types (examples):
Ad/Promotional material development
Customer segmentation
Marketing strategy development
Message development
New market opportunity assessment
Product acquisition and licensing
Product delivery systems
Product development
Product introduction
Product Positioning

Respondent types:
Clinical researchers
Drug wholesalers
Hospital administrators
Lab technicians
Managed care administrators
Parents & spouses of patients
Physicians / Surgeons
Sales representatives, sales management

(More detail on medical respondent types)

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