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Bryan Hooker -- Moderator

Here is what people who have seen Bryan Hooker's work have to say:

"I have used the services of Bryan Hooker as focus group moderator on numerous occasions.   I found his work to be excellent -- professional, competent, and objective."

"Bryan manages both the group process and the discussion content well.   He is able to quickly incorporate changes suggested from the viewing room.   He shows good inquisitive instincts -- he often anticipated questions or changes I was about to suggest from the viewing room."

"I would not hesitate to use his services again if the opportunity arose, and I recommend him highly to others in need of a focus group moderator who understands pharmaceutical market research and who can absorb product knowledge quickly."

--Paul R., Market Research Analyst (Global pharmaceutical company)

"Our relationship with Bryan Hooker extends back to 1994.   Without question, Bryan is one of the most qualified and talented healthcare moderators we've ever worked with.   In addition to his many skills as a moderator, Bryan brings both a strategic viewpoint and a teamwork mentality that has set him apart from others we've worked with.   Highly recommended."

--George Grubb, Principal, G&S Research (www.gs-research.com)

"Bryan makes the focus group process easy.   With his grasp of project issues and objectives he guides groups just the way I would want.   I was amazed when I first worked with Bryan that when I was about to send questions in through his earpiece, he would already be asking the very questions I was going to suggest.   I have since learned to trust his instincts and to sit back, relax, and observe, with full confidence that he will achieve my project objectives."

"Bryan also has a more flexible style than other moderators I have worked with -- he sometimes covers topics in a different order than planned if the discussion naturally flows a certain way, but he still brings the discussion around to cover all of the topics."

--Robert J, Market Research Analyst (Major pharmaceutical company)

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